4 Advantages of Online Recruitment

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The arrival of the internet has revolutionised the way we hire. The days of advertising job openings through word of mouth and newspapers are gone, and online job portals like Jobstreet have become the most used methods by hiring managers.

It’s only natural for online recruitment to replace as its benefits are too hard to ignore. Here are some reasons why hiring managers prefer recruiting on the internet:

Broader reach

Old hiring methods are restricted by industry, geography and career level. Online job portals eliminate these restrictions and reach any potential employee on the internet. Online ads also last longer than the ones in newspapers, which means as long as people are looking for it, they can find your ad.

Jobstreet Malaysia


As everyone knows, traditional ads are never cheap. On the other hand, posting jobs online is inexpensive, and the results are a hundred time better as more people will also notice your ads faster. And the best part? It doesn’t cost a lot; sometimes it doesn’t cost anything at all.

Easy and efficient

Hiring managers no longer need to manually screen job applications and do endless paperwork thanks to online job portals. Many websites can help you sort out candidates by region and experience with a click. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to hire someone online.

Shorter process

Research shows that online recruitment is an average 70% faster than the old methods. It may take a week for a newspaper ad to appear, but for online job openings, it appears instantly. You also receive job applications immediately, speeding the hiring process.


If you’re hesitant to switch over to new technology, you’re clearly missing out. The benefits of online recruitment are just too great not to use it for your own company.

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