The Best Places to Eat & Drink in Kuala Lumpur

Best Restaurants in KL

Searching for a fine restaurant that offers an incomparable dining experience previously used to turn into a fuss, in particular when you, yourself are not familiar with this town and has no reference point. Having said that, here we are to provide you some guide to the top rated 7 restaurants in KL.

Marini’s on 57

Marini's on 57 | Italian Restaurant in KL

Marini’s on 57 isn’t like any other restaurant & bar you can discover in KL, especially considering that it comes with the highest rooftop bar in KL. While enjoying the stunning view of Kl City, you are able to delight in a range of delicious Italian delicacies too, from the antipasti to many kinds of pasta and fresh seafood traveled from Italy. Inside the whisky & cigar lounge, you’ll be able to immerse inside the old-world Italian charm and take pleasure in an impressive line of imported cigars and whisky.

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Marble 8


Marble 8 | Steakhouse in KL

Marble 8 on 56 is actually a restaurant located on 56th Floor in KLCC. Here, patrons can delight in a curated range of wet-aged and dry-aged steaks while they feast their eyes on the unique decor while sitting comfortably on a deluxe leather sofa and enjoying fine music. For individuals who would like to experience the skyline view of Kuala Lumpur, they’re able to choose to be seated near the full-size window.


Troika Sky Dining

Best Restaurants in KL

An alternative choice for sky dining in Kuala Lumpur is at the Troika. Found in Level 23A, Tower B, the place actually has 5 different branches of restaurants & bars to see. In Cantaloupe, get ready to enjoy fine dining, whereas, in Strato, you’ll be able to have pleasure in delicious Italian dining. Meanwhile, Fuego contains a wide variety of South American menus available. When you are up to get a drink, then you can certainly either visit Coppersmith, the cocktail bar, or Claret, the wine bar and chill there while enjoying the aerial view of KLCC.

Thirty8 KL

Best Restaurants in KL

If variety is the main priority when it comes to dining, Thirty8 KL has got to be a good option. Perfectly found on the 38th floor of Grand Hyatt Hotel, the place offers excellent menus that fit both personal preferences of the Western and Asian cuisines. Their kitchen is led by a German Executive Sous Chef, Stefan Beck who has been with Grand Hyatt since 2008 and specializes in classic European and Western fine-dining cuisine.

Enak KL

Best Restaurants in KL

Enak KL is known as a halal (pork-free) restaurant sitting on the lower ground floor of Starhill Gallery in Bukit Bintang. Here, you will find the authentic Malaysian dishes that are cooked using the restaurant’s age-old family recipes. Although many on the cuisines are served with a spice level which is ideal for the Malaysian locals, we’d suggest that you request the chef to reduce the chili factor if you have a mellower taste bud.

Celestial Court

Best Restaurants in KL

Celestial Court is actually a restaurant offering a complete experience of the Cantonese culture. From the signature dishes such as Cantonese roasted duck to their redefined interior decoration; the Celestial Court lets you enjoy the majestic elegance experience in one place. Based on the season, the dining place also sometimes introduces unique dishes to diners, which includes serving the mooncakes during the Chinese mid-autumn festival.

Maison Francaise

Best Restaurants in KL

Maison Francaise is known as a restaurant that provides amongst the finest French cuisines in Kuala Lumpur. You will be able to identify the three-storey mansion while you arrive once you see a timeless Rolls Royce parked inside the driveway. But, their main attraction is basically on the food, as they definitely serve appetizing appetizers, heavy menus, and additionally snacks. This restaurant is likewise the ideal choice if you’d like to experience a high tea for business and pleasure.

There goes our selection of the finest bars & restaurants in KL. As reading reviews will not assist to validate anything, we recommend highly that you just visit these elegant restaurants and experience the good food by yourself.